Jump start your investment journey effortlessly

Spend 15 min/trading day to check what to buy and sell for tomorrow. 

Personalized Investment Idea

Never miss your trading timing.

With Kangaroo Invest, all you need to spend is 30 minutes to enter or exit a stock before the start of a trading day. Receive personalized trading ideas based on your style. 

Profitable Trades

Grow your wealth over time.

Take control of your own investment with quality daily trading ideas. Whether you are a short-term swing trader or a long-term value investor, you always find your stock choice here.

How it work?

1. We pile up daily stocks data.

Covering KLSE, SGX, HKE, Nasdaq and NYSE. We are aggressively expanding. 

2. We teach our baby AI how to invest like a pro.

Sometimes she makes mistakes. We train her to recognize mistakes so she does not repeat it next time.

3. We double check and hand pick the best stock for you.

Questions that everyone concern

Is it accurate?

” This is everyone’s question and we would like to leave it back to you. All our predictions are free to grab on our official Facebook page. Check them out. “

How much I can make?

” Under stable economic conditions, we humbly let you know that we are consistently making 0.5 – 3% capital gain, monthly. “

NOTE: Stock price movements are highly dependent on geopolitics, economy and sentiments. 


Trading stocks involves a risk of loss. Content on this website is for learning purposes only and do not constitute investment recommendations or advice.